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April 10, 2011
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Effekthasch by Grandchild Effekthasch by Grandchild
A package of visuals for Winamp AVS by Effekthasch, a.k.a. ~theHuRriC4nE and `Grandchild

Our debut under our new moniker of Effekthasch, this pack brings you 15 original presets, all previously unreleased, as well as 2 remixes, half of them unreleased until now. ;)

Have a look at our vimeo page to see some preview videos!

Oh and we would like remixes very much!

Enjoy, fav and comment please :)

Lukas & Jakob

:bulletblack: New to AVS? Have a look at this [link] to learn how to set it up so you can watch this.

:bulletblack: Still having problems seeing this? Maybe you are using the latest Winamp version which is not playing nice with AVS. See this post on for help.

:bulletblack: Want to find more? Find the best presets at

All original presets are cc-by-sa licensed
The remixes are all-rights-reserved by their respective original creators

is now v1.1 - fixes texer images naming and adds one we've forgotten, the intro should now look even cooler for some of you :)
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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-04-17
Effekthasch is the debut pack of the new formation of `Grandchild and ~theHuRriC4nE: Effekthasch. this pack presents 17 highly music reactive colorful clean and solid visuals. fire up winamp's avs and enjoy! ;) ( Featured by micro-D )
framesofreality Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
it's later!
first off, the dd was well deserved, this is one of the best packs to come out in the last two years.
so, let's go into detail.

intro - eye-catching, nice little preset, does what it supposed to do. i'd love to see the preset in the second square in fulll detail
the will to live - great colors, good scopes
femme fatale - this should look great in live setting
bumper bump - crazy! very easy on the eyes, i might remix it later for something more f'ed up.
my wildest dreams - old-skool fractal action, i think i prefer the version i saw earlier, but this one's lovely too.
theory of pretty much everything - this! first big fave from the pack, the 2d-3d shift is amazing
circle action - simple, but should look great with some other preset mixed in.
ohnehin - 2nd fave, this one is simple right up my alley. squares everywhere!
diskostu 1 - great scope, but i prefer the second version
new life - fav #3 everything i love in this pack is represented in this preset - good choice of colors, elegant simplicity and great coding
blue ghost - nice, i would've liked some change in colors tho
you and me - def. interesting, i like the yath remix more, but this one is a whole different animal to be honest. quite original.
i-7a remix - nice shading effect, quite a relaxing preset.
antenna - a bit too simple for my tastes, but still excellent.
tentaclism - loved this one when i first saw it, still love it now. really fresh take on tentaclism.
quicksand - flow preset, with yummy colors, it's a bit bright for this pack, but some variation never hurts.
diskostu 2 - great scope, great effect.

my only beef with the pack is the large amount of black backgrounds - i know it was created with vjing in mind, but still, a bit of color wouldn't hurt.
anyway, this is an outstanding pack and i hope you can make it to hungary in the near future. i hope i wouldn't be that tired this time :).

theHuRriC4nE Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
Wow, thank you very much for your kind words and widespread commentation. Very much apreciated.

with - circleaction - you're right, it's a "mixes-with-all-kinds-of-shit"-kinda preset.
actually - we did already: [link] (first visual is 'circle action' multiplicated with 'the will to live' ).

and one bad error i realised a few days ago: "New Life" look much better when you put the last DM at the very end of it all. I tried to reduce this effect on the vignette caused by too low color-bitdepth by adding the blur AFTER the vignette. Never tested the other way around :D. Looks better with the DM at the end.
To antenna - you're the first one who likes the preset :). I had some other versions that eventually did'nt made it into the pack. Some are better (more dirty or more clean) than the original. I can drop them if you like.

When Jakob comes to Budapest I'll come with him! I was there a few years ago (3 or 4 days) and it was great - great old city. Really impressed me.
Achimstyle Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011  Professional
Stunning picture!
Grandchild Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
even better when you download ;)
(hint: it's not about the picture, that's just a preview)
DaveOtow Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011
nice effects
Jakiqua Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011   Interface Designer
What is that typeface you're using for the Effekthasch picture? I like it haha
Grandchild Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011
ooh you meant the preview here! of course - that one is called SF Movie Poster [link]
Grandchild Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011
It's called Radagund [link]
theHuRriC4nE Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011
let's not shorten this: Daily Daviation DAILY DEVIATION!!! WOW
great! thank you guys.

I don't know, why our vimeo channel didn't work this afternoon.
should work now again. Thanks for watching - and keep in mind: No video that isn't a few 100 Megabytes per minute can reproduce the quality you get when watching avs live!
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